Open All Video Karaoke Files from Directory

To open all video karaoke files from specific directory, choose "Add From Directory" from Langit Free Karaoke Software File sub menu. 

Check on the "Include Subfolder" if you wish to include sub directory searching for video karaoke files.
If you have specific pattern on your files name and you recognized it, check on the pattern check box. Fill appropriate text box in reference to your files name pattern. 
As an example, let say most of your karaoke video files has below structure:
Korean#PSY#Oppa Gangnam Style.mpg
Fill Separator text box with #
Fill Title text box with 3 (the index number of video Title on the file name)
Fill Artist text box with 2 (the index number of video Artist on the file name)
Fill Language text box with 1 (the index number of video language on the file name)
Leave the Genre text box as it is, since your file name has not a Genre on it. The default genre will apply.

You can modify the default name for unavailable field on the file name by modify "Default Data Table".

Fill default data table text box with your desired default name in case program fail to detect a pattern.
Click "START" Button, to start searching progress. Langit KTV Program will search all these file types *.mpg;*.avi;*.dat;*.flv;*.wmv;*.mp4;*.3gp;*.m1v;*.m2v;*.mkv;*.mpeg;*.mpe;*.mov;*.vob on your computer.
After search progress complete, langit ktv free karaoke software will start auto screen capture the video to generete icon for your karaoke video files.
Karaoke video screen capture will run in background, you can continue use langit free karaoke player to sing your favorite karaoke song. Auto screen capture will need some times depend on number of files found. During this period of time, the Langit Karaoke Software will have some lag due to auto screen capture progress. If you wish to stop auto screen capture progress,  uncheck "Auto Screen Capture Icon" from "Option" menu.
You can select karaoke video icon manually by switch to "Image List View" form "View" menu or click on the Image List icon. Once you in Image List View mode, you can simply change the video icon by right click the video list an choose  "Change Icon" from context menu strip.


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