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Cover Karaoke - T2 - Tak Jodoh

Cover Karaoke - Siti Nurhalizah Bukan Cinta Biasa

Cover Karaoke -Trio Santana Uju Di Ngolungkon Manian

Cover Karaoke - Melly Goeslaw 3 Cinta

Siti Nurhaliza - Bukan Cinta Biasa - Recording

Siti Nurhaliza - Bukan Cinta Biasa - Karaoke Recording

Recording Stereo MIX Pada Windows 7

Secara default Windows 7 hanya menangkap suara microphone pada saat proses recording. Berikut langkah-langkah mengaktifkan "Stereo Mixer" pada Windows : Klik kanan pada  Icon Speaker dan pilih "Recording Devices" Klik kanan pada jendela Sound. Aktifkan "Show Disabled Devices" dan "Show Disconnected Devices" (Jika setelah tahap ini, "Stereo Mixer" tidak muncul, silahkan update sound card driver terlebih dahulu) Klik kanan pada "Stereo Mixer" dan klik "Enable" Klik kanan sekali lagi pada "Stereo Mixer" kemudian klik "Set as Default Device" Klik tombol "OK"

Karaoke RecordingLetto - Sebenarnya Cinta

Rekam karaoke pake headset :)

Recording PC Karaoke Letto - Sebelum Cahaya

Rekaman pertama  memakai Silangit PC Karaoke :)

Silangit PC Karaoke Versi 31

- One click recording - Fix transparency for Windows XP - Drag and drop adding file list to database - Option for Single View in dual monitor

Silangit PC Karaoke V3

SilangitPCKaraoke Versi 3 - Simple USB loader (Get all list of Audio Video files from removable drive) - Search All Audio Video Files on My Computer - Pattern Recognizer (Auto generated list for patterned file name) - Rename files to database pattern (Rename all selected list according to database list) - Copy files (Copy selected files to new location) - Simple edit database list - Sort by song date update - Sort by popular - Sort by last played

Karaoke PC Free Silangit PC Karaoke

Free Karaoke PC Silangit PC Karaoke Native Windows 7 (.net 3.5) - Slide/Drag Selection Mode - Web Remote (Android and other) - Transparent Single Monitor - Song Server Change - Font style Download link: Windows 7 (Net Framework 3.5) Full Patch Silangit PC Karaoke Mediafire Full Patch Silangit PC Karaoke Google Drive Direct Download Full Patch Silangit PC Karaoke Indowebster

Silangit PC Karaoke

Silangit PC Karaoke v - User Interface Language Editor - Random Scoring - Downloadable karaoke song list - Mini Video Viewer Download link: Windows 7 (Net Framework 3.5) Full Patch Mediafire Full Patch Google Drive Direct Download Patch Mediafire Patch Google Drive Direct Download Windows 8 (Net Framework 4.5) Full Patch Mediafire Full Patch Google Drive Direct Download Patch Mediafire Patch Google Drive Direct Download All version

Karaoke PC Software Langit Ver

New in update. - Customizable background - Customizable Logo - Editable UNICODE On Screen Keyboard - Stand alone Billing Mode - Net Framework 3.5 (Windows 7) - Net Framework 4.5 (Windows 8)

Free Karaoke Program new Update Langit1.1.0

- Handling large database - Fix some missing bug - Simple switch commercial mode

Langit Free Karaoke Update

New update... - Simple view - Bug fixed : handling .dat during auto search in directory - Simple edit mode Full Karaoke download Mediafire indowebster and Google Drive Patch Free Karaoke Software download mediafire , indowebster , google drive Full free karaoke download link

Karaoke Database Engine

Langit Karaoke Software Database build based on the text data table. The table structure use Comma-separated values (.csv). Step by step use langit video karaoke player Database Engine: First convert or export your video karaoke list (table) to csv. If your previous karaoke program has not feature to export to csv, copy the list to Excel  or other spread sheet program then save the file as comma separated values (csv). Klik "Load Table" from "File" menu and select your file. If program detect that the data structure doesn't match with langit karaoke player data structure, the dialog box will shown. Follow the instruction (if previously you already have a langit database structure, backup it first.) The standard csv files has a comma (,)  as list separator. In case your list separator other than comma (,), fill it on the "List Separator" text box.  If you have a text list which is not in the csv format, peek the files using text editor